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8 Beauty Products I Can't Live Without

BeautyKat Rainwater2 Comments
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I wouldn't consider myself a beauty expert. I'm constantly watching YouTube videos on how to do my liquid liner or different ways to master the perfect loose wave. BUT I would definitely consider myself a beauty junkie. It was love at first sight when my mom took me to the Clinique counter for the first time. And don't even get me started on those Clinique Bonuses! I loved trying out alllll the products then and not much has changed! I've weeded through everything I've tried lately and am only sharing the best of the best. Here are the 8 products I currently can't live without! 


1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette | I've always used Urban Decay's eye shadow palettes and never realized how poorly they stayed on until I tried Anastasia. This is the creamiest most blend-able eye shadow I've ever used! And I absolutely love all the colors it comes with. 

2. Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment | Need a lip stain that really works?! Look no further. I've tried lots of different brands and none stay on as well as Nars. I've put this on at 9am and had to scrub it off at night. (And it doesn't leave your lips feeling dry and weird all day) If you're specifically looking for a red lip stain "Light My Fire" is the most perfect shade of red!

3. Face Halo | I love Face Halos! It perfectly removes all of your makeup with just water. You simply wet the Halo and wipe off your makeup. You'll be amazed at how much comes off. The pads are made with special fibers that give your face a deep clean and it seriously works. The best part? You can wash them! Throw them in with your whites when you're doing laundry and they're ready to use again. (You can save money and stop buying all of those makeup remover wipes!)

4. Pixi Glow Tonic | This little bottle is liquid gold. I put this on after I wash my face and before I moisturize. It exfoliates your skin while leaving it feeling all fresh and glowy! The best part? You can get it at Target. It has done wonders to my skin! 

5. Dior Nail Glow | My nails have taken a serious beating lately. Between all the gel polish or SNS damage they're in need of some serious TLC. I decided to take a break from manicures and have fallen in love with clear polish again. Every Sunday I give myself an at-home mani and this nail polish has been the perfect addition. I love the pop of clear pink it adds to my nails for a healthy glow! 

6. Kenra Dry Texture Spray | I don't leave home without this spray! After I've curled and hair-sprayed my hair I add this texture spray before breaking up all the curls. It adds that perfect texture and volume to almost make it look a little messy but in a good way! 

7. Billie Razors | I stumbled across Billie Razors a couple months ago and haven't looked back. Billie is a shave club geared towards women and it's so affordable! You can get a starter kit which includes your razor, two 5-cartridge blades, and a magnetic holder for $9! Then you just set up how often you want replacement blades delivered depending on how often you shave. (This delivery includes 4 replacement blades for $9.) Not only am I saving money because I'm not headed to Target every other month for cheap razors but these are adorable and delivered to my front door. 

8. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay | You mix the powdered clay with equal parts apple cider vinegar and water and what you get is a magical clay mask. It's a serious "deep clean" that makes your face feel AMAZING! Don't believe me? Go read the 13,000+ reviews on Amazon. (If you have sensitive skin be careful. It is definitely strong and will leave your face red for around an hour.) 

What products are you loving right now?! 


New Fave Beauty Products

BeautyKat RainwaterComment

I never EVER switch up my beauty routine. I often find that I’m in a beauty rut because I don’t make any changes. I fall in love with something (i.e. Trader Joe’s moisturizer) and am still using it 4 years later. I’m sure new and better products are out there but I’m too nervous to try any because I’m just not gifted when it comes to make-up. Well, get ready to be impressed because I have stumbled across some new and favorite beauty products.

1. Urban Decay- Revolution Lipstick | I honestly don’t know if I will ever wear another brand again. This stuff does not come off. Once it’s on, it is on! I hate re-applying when I’m on the go because I can never keep it in my lip line. (My top lip is basically nonexistent.) And I’m currently crushing on the color Anarchy. Seriously, I can’t get enough. I try to plan outfits that will allow me to wear this bright fuchsia shade!

2. Rosehip Oil | I’ve added rosehip oil to my nightly routine and it works so great. I’m not one that’s really into the whole oil scene. It confuses me and I can’t keep anything straight. (I was also terrified to use oil because I have such oily skin.) But fear not because this stuff is way better than any crazy expensive night cream. Rosehip oil particularly helps with anti-aging, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and helps with sun damage. For this freckly face, it was a no brainer!

3. Too Faced- Better Than Sex Mascara | If you had asked me 6 weeks ago what mascara I use, I would’ve said They’re Real. I don’t think I’ve switched mascara’s since I discovered it years ago…until now. I tried Better Than Sex mascara several weeks ago and I’m OBSESSED. The outcome is just as good as They’re Real with half the work. A couple of swipes of this mascara and it looks like you’ve been working on them for 20 minutes. I swear.

4. Redken Wax Blast 10 | I LOVE this wax spray! It’s basically a texturizing spray that you use after you blow-dry and style your hair. It gives your hair that not-so-perfect-messy-tousled-curl that I covet so much. It adds volume and texture and you really can’t go wrong when you use it.

5. Evian Mineral Water Spray | Yes, this is literally water. You use it to rehydrate your skin and revive your makeup. Don’t ask me how, but spray this on your face a couple of hours after you’ve done your makeup (and you’re starting to feel like a hot mess) and you suddenly look/feel fresh again. I keep it in my carry-on because it’s perfect for long flights. If you ever feel like your face is drying out or just icky…you’ll love this!

It only took me a whole year to finally try enough beauty products to share with y’all. These 5 were definitely my faves and they’re here to stay!

DIY Beach Wave Spray

DIY, BeautyKat RainwaterComment

Last summer I was on a quest to find the perfect “beach wave” spray. I wanted something that I could put in my hair when I didn’t feel like blowdrying but it would still dry with a cute (non frizzy) wave to it. My results weren’t so good…I didn’t find a single product that I liked. My natural curls/ air dry looked like I stuck my finger in an outlet or was crunchy. But I stumbled across a homemade sea salt spray, tried it out, and I’m loving the results! I’m currently blogging from the beach and I can promise you, I’m using this recipe every day. My hair does have a slight wave to it but it would not be considered curly so all my straight haired friends should give it a try too!

Sea Salt Spray
:: 1 cup warm water
:: 1 teaspoon conditioner
:: 1/2 teaspoon coconut oil
:: 1 teaspoon sea salt
:: small squirt of hair gel
:: spray bottle

Step 1 | Pour warm water into spray bottle and add the conditioner, coconut oil, sea salt, and gel. Shake it up until everything dissolves and mixes together.

Step 2 | Spray the mixture on damp hair. If your hair is really wet, make sure to towel dry it before you spray. The mixture definitely works better if the hair is a little dry. Once you feel like the spray is evenly coated scrunch your hair up towards your roots with both hands.

Step 3 | Let it dry! I find that my hair looks 10 times better if I let it dry naturally outside. I never get as much body or curl if it dries indoors.

This is the perfect recipe for easy, summer hair especially if you’re at the beach! Who wants to blow-dry when it’s so hot? Not me.

Pool Day Beauty Faves

BeautyCason RainwaterComment

It’s FINALLY time for trips to the beach and long days at the pool! I could lounge by any body of water with a book in one hand and a drink in the other until the sun practically sets. Whether it’s keeping those locks tamed or protecting your skin, these beauty products need to be on your shopping list this summer!

Coppertone Ultra Guard | I know there are fancier brands on the market but nothing (and I mean NOTHING) beats the smell of this classic sun block. I’m trying to take better care of my skin as I get older so you usually won’t find me with anything less than 30 SPF at least until late summer.

Sunnies | The bigger the better for protecting your face! I’m a Ray-Ban lover for life but refuse to let them get oily and sandy. I usually pick up a pair of cheap sunglasses at Forever 21 and leave them in my beach bag all summer long. At only $5.80 a pair, who cares what happens to them!

Aveeno Sunblock for Face | I’ve mentioned this gem before and it’s worth repeating. THE BEST facial sunscreen you’ll ever find. It has a high SPF, won’t clog your pores, and rubs in without leaving you a shiny mess.

COTZ Face Natural Skin Tone | I hate wearing tons of makeup out to the beach but I also want to resemble a living person. I love this tinted moisturizer! A tiny dot goes a long way and with an SPF of 40, your face will love you. (See a theme here? Protect your face people!)

Wide tooth comb | Using a wide tooth comb after getting your hair wet will help to detangle and minimize frizz and breakage. Start combing at the bottom and slowly work your way to your scalp.

Redken Fashion Waves | When your hair is a curly frizzy mess like mine, you need a texturizing spray like this one to keep it in check. After taking a dip, comb through your hair and give your locks a spritz of this sea spray. It will keep your beach waves from pulling a Monica Gellar.

Maybelline Waterproof Mascara | My lashes are fairly light so I just don’t feel myself without a couple of swipes. Grab a waterproof tube and it will stay put all day!

Peppermint Baby Lips | You can’t spend a day out in the sun without protecting your lips. I think I have Baby Lips in every single drawer and purse in my house. I keep a tube of the peppermint flavor in my beach bag, it has 20 SPF!

Vaseline Aloe Soothe Spray | After a long day in the sun, nothing feels better than a moisturizer with aloe! This spray and go formula is lightweight, non-greasy, smells of heaven, and absorbs super fast.

Alright gals, get out there and have some fun in the sun!

Favorite Costume Jewelry

BeautyCason RainwaterComment

Oh hey, my name is Cason and I have a problem with costume jewelry. Whatever, I said it. Let’s not make a thing of it. Sometimes all you need to spruce up an outfit or take it from day to night is a statement piece. You can make the same outfit work 7 days in a row just by changing the way you’ve styled it. So really…I’m kinda smart. (Too much of a stretch?) At the very least, I can share my favorite places to pick up a new statement bauble!

Bauble Bar | The chunky gold bib shown above (can’t miss it!) was a total hit on our trip to Vegas a couple of weeks ago. It literally got passed around from me to Kat to Joanna! Bauble Bar has hundreds of statement necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings to choose from. I get lost on their site for hours! My favorite part about Bauble Bar? Every Friday they have a “Buried Bauble” and one item on their site is secretly marked down to $10. You receive emails with clues on how to find the mark down!

Kendra Scott | Can one own too much Kendra Scott? I think NOT. One of the main reason’s I love Kendra is because you can find all ends of the spectrum. Whether you’re looking for dainty and feminine or bold and bright, they’ve got it! Cough cough…the neon yellow statement necklace shown above is on sale.

Rebeke Jewelry | Y’all. I got the turquoise beaded tassel earrings shown above and I literally cannot stop wearing them! I can’t wait to pair these with bright colors in the spring and summer. I’ll let you in on a little secret….all the bloggers are wearing these tassel earrings. These are less than half the price of the brand they’re wearing. Shhhh.

31 Bits | I could never write about my favorite jewelry designers without including 31 Bits. Their story and what they stand for is so incredible that they deserve all the attention they can get. I interviewed their Public Relations Director and wrote about their story here. They are empowering the women of Uganda to rise above poverty through their handcrafted, 100% recycled pieces like the colorful beaded bib shown above.

Now, go out into the world and show off your best accessories!