DIY Beach Wave Spray

Last summer I was on a quest to find the perfect “beach wave” spray. I wanted something that I could put in my hair when I didn’t feel like blowdrying but it would still dry with a cute (non frizzy) wave to it. My results weren’t so good…I didn’t find a single product that I liked. My natural curls/ air dry looked like I stuck my finger in an outlet or was crunchy. But I stumbled across a homemade sea salt spray, tried it out, and I’m loving the results! I’m currently blogging from the beach and I can promise you, I’m using this recipe every day. My hair does have a slight wave to it but it would not be considered curly so all my straight haired friends should give it a try too!

Sea Salt Spray
:: 1 cup warm water
:: 1 teaspoon conditioner
:: 1/2 teaspoon coconut oil
:: 1 teaspoon sea salt
:: small squirt of hair gel
:: spray bottle

Step 1 | Pour warm water into spray bottle and add the conditioner, coconut oil, sea salt, and gel. Shake it up until everything dissolves and mixes together.

Step 2 | Spray the mixture on damp hair. If your hair is really wet, make sure to towel dry it before you spray. The mixture definitely works better if the hair is a little dry. Once you feel like the spray is evenly coated scrunch your hair up towards your roots with both hands.

Step 3 | Let it dry! I find that my hair looks 10 times better if I let it dry naturally outside. I never get as much body or curl if it dries indoors.

This is the perfect recipe for easy, summer hair especially if you’re at the beach! Who wants to blow-dry when it’s so hot? Not me.