Kat | Am I Normal?

Today’s post is dedicated to getting to know me a little better. Sure…you know I love to read and travel. You might think my sister and I are twins and that I love to make a good playlist. But do you really really know me? One of my all time favorite segments on The Bert Show is “Am I normal?” All the cast along with listeners call in and share the most bizarre things about themselves. So today I’m doing my own “Am I normal?” segment and sharing my quirky side with y’all. Don’t judge…I already know I’m not normal!

Q-tipping my ears | I do this probably 3-4 times a day. I promise, I’m not exaggerating. Yes, I know it’s not good for your ears but I literally can’t stop. I have a jar of q-tips in my bathroom and every single time I see the jar I have an insane urge to q-tip even though I might have done it an hour ago.

Pulling tabs off cans | I pull the tab off every soft drink / La Croix I drink. And the scary part is, I have no idea when I do it! Cason probably wants to kill me for this one. There are tabs in our couch cushions. Tabs under chairs. Tabs in my car…her car. They’re  EVERYWHERE.

The feel of velvet | UGH. It literally makes my skin scrawl. Velvet gives me goosebumps and not the good kind. People that have velvet furniture or wear velvet really freak me out. You’re the weird one, not me!

Squirrels | Squirrels really terrify me. I think it’s because one fell through the chimney growing up and I was home alone when it happened. Me and the squirrel were in the house together and things didn’t go so well. The funny thing is…I went to college and joined Alpha Gamma Delta and our mascot is a squirrel. I had squirrel t-shirts and figurines adorning my dorm room and I eventually grew to love them again. (Not the real ones just the cute ones on sorority stuff.)

Handwriting | I’m a pretty laid back person and not type A at all…until it comes to handwriting. I’m super critical and it always has to look perfect. For example, Cason once wrote in my agenda and it drove me crazy the entire year. My agenda and all lists can only be in my handwriting and it always has to be the same color pen. Cason thinks it’s funny to write on our grocery lists just to see if I notice. (I always notice.) You’re really judging me at this point, right?

Whistling | The sound of whistling is like nails on a chalkboard for me. It also just so happens that Cason and Joanna love to whistle. I very calmly (because I want to hit them) have to remind them to PLEASE stop.

My sleeping position | I sleep on my side, totally normal right?! BUT I also keep my right hand under my pillow and hold on to my wrought iron headboard. I love the feel of the cool metal. Kind of like the cool side of the pillow but for my hand…?

Leftovers | I’m all for leftovers. If we make spaghetti and then eat it the next day everything’s great. If we make spaghetti and don’t eat it for a week, I’m officially freaked out. I won’t open the tupperware and would rather throw the whole thing away than have to clean it. I just don’t do old food. Luckily, Cason doesn’t mind it too much or else we would be buying new tupperware once a month.

Peeling plastic | I LOVE to peel plastic. I’m talking new cell phone, new watch, new microwave…do you get the idea? New cars are a total dream! There are huge pieces of plastic covering the dash-board and my hands itch to peel it off.

Thinking face | Ok- this one is going to be hard to explain but if you’ve ever been around me for an extended period of time, odds are you’ve noticed it. I make a certain face when I’m thinking or concentrating really hard on something. I pucker my lips up to my nose. I totally get this from my dad. I can picture him making this face all the time. It’s also how I held my breath under water when I was little. This is so strange but when I pucker my lips, I can squnch them up far enough to plug my nose! If you have no idea what I’m trying to describe, I’m happy to give you a demonstration next time I see you.

There are probably tons of other weird things I could share with you but I should probably keep some things to myself. Do you do anything that’s pretty odd? Share with me so we can make fun of ourselves together!