When it Rains Paper Co. is the story of 2 sisters who made their dreams a reality one rainy day.

We specialize in paper, party, and personalization. If it’s made of paper, you can count on us to turn it into something with bold patterns, bright colors, and quirky designs.  

What began as a hobby to finance our love of travel has grown into a life-altering passion for us. We’ve always had a desire for making everything we come across fabulous. Whether it’s planning a trip, hosting a Bachelor viewing party, or the regular girl’s night out; no detail is spared. Most people would say we go overboard. Us? This is our normal. Our lives are filled with spreadsheets and confetti, glitter and sharpies, scissors and checklists – and that was way before we started our paper business.

We buy avocados once a week. We get asked if we are twins almost every day. We rock, paper, scissors when it comes to important decisions and our sarcasm sometimes gets us in trouble. Most importantly, we love to get up in the morning, talk with our customers, and create goodies for their weddings, birthdays, and other milestones. (But that’s after a cup of coffee, of course.)


Connect with us! FInd us on Instagram: @whenitrainspaper