Favorite Costume Jewelry

Oh hey, my name is Cason and I have a problem with costume jewelry. Whatever, I said it. Let’s not make a thing of it. Sometimes all you need to spruce up an outfit or take it from day to night is a statement piece. You can make the same outfit work 7 days in a row just by changing the way you’ve styled it. So really…I’m kinda smart. (Too much of a stretch?) At the very least, I can share my favorite places to pick up a new statement bauble!

Bauble Bar | The chunky gold bib shown above (can’t miss it!) was a total hit on our trip to Vegas a couple of weeks ago. It literally got passed around from me to Kat to Joanna! Bauble Bar has hundreds of statement necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings to choose from. I get lost on their site for hours! My favorite part about Bauble Bar? Every Friday they have a “Buried Bauble” and one item on their site is secretly marked down to $10. You receive emails with clues on how to find the mark down!

Kendra Scott | Can one own too much Kendra Scott? I think NOT. One of the main reason’s I love Kendra is because you can find all ends of the spectrum. Whether you’re looking for dainty and feminine or bold and bright, they’ve got it! Cough cough…the neon yellow statement necklace shown above is on sale.

Rebeke Jewelry | Y’all. I got the turquoise beaded tassel earrings shown above and I literally cannot stop wearing them! I can’t wait to pair these with bright colors in the spring and summer. I’ll let you in on a little secret….all the bloggers are wearing these tassel earrings. These are less than half the price of the brand they’re wearing. Shhhh.

31 Bits | I could never write about my favorite jewelry designers without including 31 Bits. Their story and what they stand for is so incredible that they deserve all the attention they can get. I interviewed their Public Relations Director and wrote about their story here. They are empowering the women of Uganda to rise above poverty through their handcrafted, 100% recycled pieces like the colorful beaded bib shown above.

Now, go out into the world and show off your best accessories!