Best Beauty Reads

I am far from a beauty connoisseur. I’m constantly reading up on the latest beauty trends on blogs and in InStyle Magazine. I watch all sorts of videos on the cat-eye and how to get the perfect loose wave, so far be it from me to be posting any tutorials! BUT I can share with you my go-to girls, who seem to always have the best tips and advice.

I bought Lauren Conrad’s book, Beauty and it’s basically a little beauty bible with all the advice you need, from basics like how to apply foundation to tips on upping your game for a Girl’s Night Out! She has an effortless style that I covet and her step-by-step guidelines are so easy to follow. And, of course, the book itself is gorgeous so it makes the perfect coffee table book. Her blog is also a great way to keep up with her latest looks!

I stumbled across Emily’s blog, Cupcakes & Cashmere several years ago and I still read her daily! (That says A LOT because I get easily burnt out in the blog world.) Similar to Lauren Conrad’s look, Emily has such an effortless style that isn’t too done up. (People don’t really wear red lipstick and cat-eyes every day right?!) I will never be the girl who does a full face of makeup with my hair styled every day. Emily shares tips on how to finish your makeup in 5 minutes and cute ways to style a ponytail. Now that’s my kind of girl. She came out with a book several years ago, Cupcakes & Cashmere: A Guide for Defining Your Style, Reinventing your Space, and Entertaining with Ease. This adorable book is worth its weight in gold and also doubles as a cute coffee table book too! (If you can’t tell, I like to display pretty books.) Emily shares all kinds of things like how to organize your closet and the best way to update your wardrobe. I’m telling you, this little book is a gem.

If you are in need of some beauty help or just looking for an updated style- these books and blogs will be such a big help! Lauren and Emily have been helping me for years. Of course, you can always check out tips and tricks from our own style guru’s here a YCSWU. I personally adore the way Joanna styles her hair and don’t even get my started on Cason’s lashes. (She tries to claim mine are better but we all know the truth.) Hope everyone has a great week!