DIY Rose Sugar Scrub

For all you lucky ladies that received roses on Valentine’s Day, odds are that bouquet isn’t looking quite so stunning anymore. DON’T throw them away! Save the petals and make a homemade rose petal sugar scrub. Talk about a perfect post-Valentine’s Day DIY. I made a batch for myself and it smells (and feels) divine!


:: 1 1/2 cups of plain white sugar
:: 1/4 cup baby oil
:: 12 rose petals
::  a couple drops of your favorite essential oil
:: food possessor
:: jar


Pour sugar into food processor. Toss in the rose petals then add baby oil. Next, add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil, this definitely helps enhance the scent and makes it smell fabulous. My recommendation would be a scent like lavender or vanilla that would compliment the smell of roses. Blend until rose petals are broken down and all the ingredients are mixed together. Once you’re done, store in small mason jars. Now the hard part- find some “me” time and enjoy a nice, relaxing bubble bath with your homemade sugar scrub!

Nothing like making your Valentine’s Day present last a little longer. This homemade sugar scrub would also make the perfect gift!