DIY Painted Coasters

Y’all, it’s COLD! Kat and I work from home now so these “arctic blasts” and “polar vortexes” don’t really have an effect on us…buuut that doesn’t keep us from pretending we’re secretly trapped in our home with only blankets, candles, soup, and Gossip Girl to survive on. When my weather app tells me the wind chill is -5 degrees, I’m OVER it. Today’s DIY has me dreaming of spring break trips, outdoor low country boils, and long days on the beach. When I was picking out paint for my DIY project this weekend, I definitely flocked towards a beachy color palette. How perfect would these painted coasters be on a summer tablescape?! Nothing like planning ahead!


:: cork coasters (found mine at Target for $2.99 for a 4-pack!)
:: acrylic paint
:: painter’s tape
:: paint brushes or sponges

1 |  Use your painter’s tape to create fun patterns and designs. I didn’t have thin tape on hand so I just cut down the center to make thinner strips.

2 | Paint exposed cork.

3 | Let dry for a couple of hours and peel off the tape. So easy, right?!

Here’s to easy DIY projects and warmer days!