Pool Day Beauty Faves

It’s FINALLY time for trips to the beach and long days at the pool! I could lounge by any body of water with a book in one hand and a drink in the other until the sun practically sets. Whether it’s keeping those locks tamed or protecting your skin, these beauty products need to be on your shopping list this summer!

Coppertone Ultra Guard | I know there are fancier brands on the market but nothing (and I mean NOTHING) beats the smell of this classic sun block. I’m trying to take better care of my skin as I get older so you usually won’t find me with anything less than 30 SPF at least until late summer.

Sunnies | The bigger the better for protecting your face! I’m a Ray-Ban lover for life but refuse to let them get oily and sandy. I usually pick up a pair of cheap sunglasses at Forever 21 and leave them in my beach bag all summer long. At only $5.80 a pair, who cares what happens to them!

Aveeno Sunblock for Face | I’ve mentioned this gem before and it’s worth repeating. THE BEST facial sunscreen you’ll ever find. It has a high SPF, won’t clog your pores, and rubs in without leaving you a shiny mess.

COTZ Face Natural Skin Tone | I hate wearing tons of makeup out to the beach but I also want to resemble a living person. I love this tinted moisturizer! A tiny dot goes a long way and with an SPF of 40, your face will love you. (See a theme here? Protect your face people!)

Wide tooth comb | Using a wide tooth comb after getting your hair wet will help to detangle and minimize frizz and breakage. Start combing at the bottom and slowly work your way to your scalp.

Redken Fashion Waves | When your hair is a curly frizzy mess like mine, you need a texturizing spray like this one to keep it in check. After taking a dip, comb through your hair and give your locks a spritz of this sea spray. It will keep your beach waves from pulling a Monica Gellar.

Maybelline Waterproof Mascara | My lashes are fairly light so I just don’t feel myself without a couple of swipes. Grab a waterproof tube and it will stay put all day!

Peppermint Baby Lips | You can’t spend a day out in the sun without protecting your lips. I think I have Baby Lips in every single drawer and purse in my house. I keep a tube of the peppermint flavor in my beach bag, it has 20 SPF!

Vaseline Aloe Soothe Spray | After a long day in the sun, nothing feels better than a moisturizer with aloe! This spray and go formula is lightweight, non-greasy, smells of heaven, and absorbs super fast.

Alright gals, get out there and have some fun in the sun!