DIY Home Scents

Y’all, home ownership can be tough stuff. In the past year, a shelf has completely come out of the wall, my ice maker no longer works, I burned a hole in my porch (oops), and I used YouTube to fix my garbage disposal. And for the love of hoarding, when did I acquire SO. MUCH. STUFF?! Kat and I have been on a spring cleaning binge the past few weekends. Even if it’s just one or two things a day, we’re making a point to toss or donate the unnecessary clutter. I swear there are cabinets, drawers, and closets that I haven’t seen the bottom of….maybe ever. I spotted these all natural home scents on Pinterest and decided they would be a perfect addition to our spring cleaning sprees!

[ what you’ll NEED ]

:: fresh herbs (ex: mint, rosemary)
:: fresh fruit (ex: lemons, limes, oranges)
:: extracts (ex: vanilla, peppermint)

There’s no right or wrong combination here! Mix and match your favorite fruits, herbs, and extracts to create a perfect scent for your home. Throw everything into a small pot and simmer on low for a couple of hours. Be sure to keep refilling the water as it evaporates so that your fruit and herbs don’t burn. I tried 2 different combinations – lemon + rosemary + 1 tsp vanilla and lime + mint. Both had my entire house smelling clean and refreshing within an hour!

I stored the extra ingredients in a mason jar in the refrigerator and will pull them out this weekend while I’m doing another round of spring cleaning. Until next time…