Dirty Shirley Recipe

I have a confession- I just found out what dirty shirley’s are, which is shocking because my favorite childhood drink was a Shirley Temple! It’s basically the same thing…except for adults.  My favorite beverage used to be a cranberry vodka but I’m currently not feeling those so a bartender introduced me to the dirty shirley and the rest is history. It’s cute, it’s pink, and so refreshing. I recommend you whip up a batch this weekend! (Or today…it’s 5 o’clock somewhere right?!)

Dirty Shirley Cocktail

:: 2 oz. vodka
:: 7 oz. 7-up or Sprite (Or stay legit with the original recipe that calls for Ginger Ale.)
:: splash of grenadine
:: ice
:: maraschino cherries or lime wedge

Fill glass with ice. Pour vodka over ice and top with Sprite or 7-up. Add a splash or two of grenadine depending on how much you like then garnish with maraschino cherries or lime wedge. Enjoy!

ps: How cute are these glasses? I got them on Etsy for Cason’s birthday last year and we’re still loving them! Cheers to tomorrow being Friday!