Fall Patio Plants

Patio planting is a relatively new hobby for me so I’m still not 100% on all the rules. I don’t quite understand things like perennials vs. annuals or part-shade plants vs. indirect-sun plants but what really confuses me is what plants survive which season. You can’t just depend on Pikes (no offense, Pikes…) to tell you. Cason and I were perusing the aisles the other day and A LOT of the green house was filled with things that only bloom during the summer. Don’t fall for it. Thankfully, I had my trusty plant expert (Mom) with me and she advised against many of my picks. If she hadn’t been there Cason and I would have come home and potted lavender and lantana, called it a day, and then 3 weeks later everything would be dead. I quizzed my mom and browsed Pinterest and finally settled on my favorite fall patio looks to share with y’all!

My most favorite fall obsession- cabbage. We used cabbage in our potted arrangement and used cabbage and kale in the tub and I’m loving the look. Many vegetables thrive in cool weather; including broccoli, carrots, radishes, kale, and lettuce. We personally chose cabbage and kale because it has more “eye appeal”, aka: it’s cute.

We paired the kale and cabbage in our tub with pansies. Fall is the best time to plant pansies. I love these because they bloom in cooler weather and add a little color to our arrangement.

We also wanted a little bit of a “spiller” in both our potted plant and tub arrangement. We decided on creeping jenny and vinca vine because I read both would survive the fall and cooler weather. So far, so good!

And of course, for our last pot we planted a mum. You can’t do fall planting without including a mum.

Like I said, I’m definitely not the gardening expert but I do love how our fall plant pairings turned out! Here are a couple more ideas using similar plants to help inspire your patio or porch this season.

I love how StoneGable made this arrangement and incorporated pumpkins with her mums and cabbage.

I love the green and white pumpkins paired with kale and creeping jenny in this arrangement from Marjorie Johnston & Co.

You can’t go wrong with pansies and creeping jenny by Potted Plant Society!

Now if it will ever stop raining you can get out outside and create your own arrangement!