DIY: Glitter Mason Jar Tea Lights

I have a confession to make: I don’t do DIY projects. (Insert lots of screams and gasps) My idea of a DIY project is spray painting a picture frame gold. Half the time I can’t even stand the way the spray paint job turned out so I throw it away. I have friends that make wreathes, pallets, breakfast nook couches, and I think to myself…I am so NOT creative. Now you are probably thinking that is a joke because of Etsy. Trust me, I can make a cute banner and a mean cupcake topper but ask me to stencil on an old dresser and I totally lose all artistic ability. For my first DIY project I thought I would start out small and try to make handmade tea lights. I saw a picture of the jars on Pinterest and thought they were too cute. I love the look of mixing feminine and country (Refer to blog cover photo: glitter dress, jean jacket, and boots) so when I saw glitter mason jars they spoke to me!

- Elmer’s Glue
- Water
- Glitter (whatever color you prefer)
- Different size mason jars
- Paint brush
- Tea lights

Step 1 | You are going to mix Elmer’s Glue and a little bit of water. You want to dilute the glue so that it is not so thick. The mix is going to be more of a watery paste.

Step 2 | Brush the inside of your mason jar with the mixture.

Step 3 | Pour glitter inside of the mason jar and roll it around so that glitter coats all of the glue. Shake out excess glitter.

Step 4 | Let the mason jar dry and you have got yourself some glitter tea lights!

Simple enough, right? Next DIY I will be attempting concrete countertops homemade foot scrub. I love the way these tea lights turned out and I thought they would look perfect as a table centerpiece. Anyone attempted any recent DIY projects I must know about?

Happy Tuesday!