Eyelashes 101

Questions I get asked almost every single day:

Are you and your sister twins?
How is your Etsy shop doing?
Where is your next adventure?
Are your eyelashes real?

No, Kat and I are not twins. We are actually 3 whole years apart. People are surprised to hear this. Our Etsy shop is doing great! Remember when I mentioned we wanted to roll-out our own website this year? The ball is already rolling! We’ve hired a web designer as well as a graphic designer to help us with some re-branding. Hmm…my next adventure. Kat and I usually find a last-minute deal to the beach over her Spring Break. Even though we never really plan for it, my guess is we’ll end up there again. Finally, YES my lashes are real! Now before you think I was lucky enough to be born with long and full lashes, think again. I’m actually just overcompensating for two problems I have: 1) When I first started wearing mascara in high school, my eyelashes were actually bleach blonde. I was always self-conscious of looking like I didn’t have eyelashes so mascara has been my biggest make-up priority. 2) I have a horrible habit of pulling out my eyelashes. (I know, so weird for somebody who is already self-conscious about her lashes.)  I don’t even realize I’m doing it most of the time until Kat tells me to stop.

Over the years, I have tried almost every single lash product that has ever been developed. No kidding. I have weeded out the products with false promises and have developed an eyelash arsenal that I absolutely swear by. Ladies, I present to you my secret lash weapons.

Alright, here we are with a clean slate. Let’s turn these into luscious lashes!

1 and 2 | Latisse and RapidLash

These are both eyelash enhancing serums that you apply to the base of your lashes before you go to bed each night. You only need one but there are pros and cons to each of them. In my opinion, Latisse works better and lasts much longer but it’s more expensive and more of a pain. For a limited time, my medi-spa was offering Latisse for $99 but without any kind of special it can run around $150. You also have to use a different brush every single time you apply it. So annoying but it works WONDERS. Latisse is technically a prescription so you’ll need to get it through your dermatologist or a medical spa. I tend to lean more towards RapidLash. The results come pretty darn close to Latisse. Full price, RapidLash is around $50. NEVER pay full price for RapidLash because it is so easy to find at a lower cost. Flash sale sites like Ruelala and HauteLook feature RapidLash fairly often for half the price! ULTA also carries it and if you’re a member of their ULTAmate Rewards program, you can use your 20% off coupons on it. It’s a single tube and much more convenient.

3 | Lancome CILS BOOSTER XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base

I’ve tried several lash primers and this one takes the cake. This is like a base coat before painting your nails or primer before painting a wall – what most consider an expendable step is crucial if you want the best results. Simply put a coat or two over your lashes before applying mascara. Once you’ve added this step to your routine, you’ll never go back!

4 | Benefit They’re Real! Mascara

It’s no secret – without a shadow of a doubt, this mascara is the best on the market. The length and definition it gives you (especially if you’ve used a primer) is incredible. It does dry quickly so if you like to put on several coats like I do, you better work fast.

5 and 6 | Maybelline Volum’ Express The Colossal or ULTA Legendary Lengths Mascara

Now that you’ve got your lash primer and your defining mascara on, you need a volumizing mascara to seal the deal. As Kat has mentioned before here, combining 2 different types of mascaras was a big lash revelation for us. My favorites that I switch back and forth between are Maybelline’s Colossal and ULTA’s Legendary Lengths. Neither of these will break the bank so give it a try if you don’t believe us.

What are your must-haves for luscious lashes? Tell us about it!