DIY Charcoal Face Mask

I’ve recently been really into face masks. According to Pinterest you can use anything from apple cider and oatmeal to avocados and baking soda. Apparently, all the ingredients to make my skin look radiant have been hanging out in my kitchen disguising themselves as food. Who knew?

You may already be familiar with activated charcoal but I’m new to the club. It’s in so many skincare products, specifically for acne because it’s THAT awesome. But really, activated charcoal’s job is to rid your body of toxins. [Doctors use this stuff for snake venom, spider bites, and even alcohol poisoning] but we are going to use it to draw impurities out of our pores! Wahoo! It wouldn’t hurt to steam your face beforehand. We want those pores open so we can get them all cleaned out.

Face Mask:

:: Activated charcoal (I bought capsules at our local herb shop and opened them up)
:: Aloe vera gel
:: Rosewater or regular water
:: A couple drops of tea-tree oil

:: This mask can be messy. When you’re washing your face be wary of splash zone!
:: Don’t use charcoal you BBQ with- that is highly toxic!

I mixed about 1/2 a teaspoon of everything (water, charcoal, and aloe) and added 2-3 drops of tea-tree oil. You don’t want to add any more oil than that or it could cause stinging! I mixed everything together with a Q-tip to form an inky, black paste. Let it dry completely before washing your face with warm water. Cason and I decided to pair it with a glass of wine for a fun girl’s night in! Combine this with Audge’s DIY foot-scrub and you’ve got yourself an at-home spa day. 

I also read that you can brush your teeth with activated charcoal and it will help get rid of plaque build up. I haven’t tried it yet…but if it will make my teeth pearly white, there’s a good chance I’ll be adding charcoal to my toothpaste in the morning.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t hate getting charcoal this Christmas after all!