Cason | Am I Normal?

Kat did an “Am I Normal?” post a few weeks ago and I thought it was hilarious. I live with her so nothing came as a surprise to me but hopefully you know her just a tiny bit better. We got such a kick out of calling each other out on our quirks that she helped me come up with a list of my own. Yeah, you know I own a paper business, love to travel, and live with my sister but what about everything else? Do you even know me?! (JK…I’m not about to get crazy deep on you.) I’ve even searched Facebook photos high and low to provide photographic evidence.

CITRUS | In a word: ewwww. My main issue is pulp but anything that smells or tastes like oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, or clementines are my worst nightmare. The internal wrath I feel when someone peels and eats one around me isn’t healthy. I handle lemons and limes on a case by case basis. Key lime pie with no visible pulp? Fine. Freshly squeezed lemonade? SICK. When it comes to candy, Kat HATES this. I eat all the red and green gummy bears, Skittles, and Sour Patch Kids and leave all the other gross flavors for her.

BAREFOOT | I just can’t do it unless I’m on the beach. It really grosses me out to feel anything under my feet except socks, shoes, and sand. If I so much as step on a crumb with bare feet I’m embarrassingly disturbed by it. When it’s hot you can find me walking around the house in flip flops and when it’s cold I’ve always got my slippers.

CHAPSTICK | I’m OCD addicted. I don’t have tubes of Chapstick in my car, every purse I own, my office, my kitchen, and my living room just because I lose them. They are there because I PUT them there on purpose. I’m never an arms reach away from my lip moisturizer. The only thing redeeming about this is I don’t even need anything fancy. Just Chapstick brand will do.

LEFTIE | I’m just a leftie trying to get by in a right-handed world. I’ve owned left-handed fishing poles and softball gloves but the world hasn’t totally accommodated this rare 10% of the population. Because of this, I’m pretty ambidextrous. (I would actually think most lefties would be.) Just don’t get me started on those weird right-handed desks. I’m scarred from searching for the ONE left-handed desk in all of my college classes!

SQUINTING | Whether I’m watching TV, driving, or talking on the phone, I have a bad habit of constantly squinting. I have 20/20 vision so I have no clue why I do this. My mom does the exact same thing so I blame her. She can help me pay for my Botox when my impending crow’s-feet make their debut. (They’ve already started. SSHH!)

TALKING IN QUIET PLACES | It drives me insane (like a Hulk-like rage) when people talk in situations where you should be quiet! I can’t concentrate on anything else if I can hear people whispering at the movies, during church, or in a meeting. Don’t you know you should BE QUIET right now? Why won’t you at least step outside? Don’t you know how rude you are being? It literally consumes my thoughts and I can no longer pay attention to what I’m suppose to be paying attention to.

WET PAPER | No. Just no. I’m gagging right now as I write this. No joke. Wet TP on the floor of a public bathroom, a newspaper left out in the rain, wet tissues  – all examples of my worst nightmare. The worst is when people wrap napkins around their drinks. I’d rather my hand be…cold (GASP) than have to hold on to that soggy mess!

MASCARA | I pick it off. Like bad. I’ll spend all this time perfecting my lashes only to pick it all off within a few hours. The worst part is I end up pulling out tons of eyelashes when I do it. Which in turn makes me feel like I need more mascara the next day…it’s just a really bad cycle. I’ve made it my New Year’s resolution half a dozen times to stop this! (It never stops.)

[ Oh man, two bad habits in one pic. Squinting AND picking off my mascara. ]

CIRCUS PEANUTS | You know that orange peanut-shaped marshmallow candy? They’re called circus peanuts and I LOVE THEM. (It’s important to note that although they are orange, they are actually banana flavored. This just keeps getting weirder.) One of my most favorite candies! Don’t knock it till you try it.

Sooo…after writing all of that, I’m embarrassed. I don’t even need to ask. I’m officially weird. Please don’t start skipping my posts!