Showering Baby Magdalene

Kat, mom, and I hosted a shower for Joanna and baby Magdalene this past weekend. It went off without a hitch! The flowers traveled well, Mom was able to decorate a Pinterest-worthy cake, the venue was awesome to work with, the food was delish, and the company was even better. I just LOVE throwing a good celebration. I actually grew up dreaming of being an event planner but when I realized most of my work would take place on the weekends, I ditched that idea.  I can’t think of anything better to celebrate than the upcoming arrival of baby Magdalene Day! (Sorry Jo, I am going to spoil this girl ROTTEN.) Relive the magic with us…

We pinned leaves to a clementine for the place card. Where did ideas come from before Pinterest? Like…would we have to come up with them ourselves?!

Kat and I are notorious for decorating our own cakes. Nobody can capture my vision like I can! We always get our cakes from Sister’s Sweet Creations in Peachtree City. The strawberry champagne cake is amazing. We asked for “messy” buttercream icing and mom added the flowers. Way to go Mom!

The restaurant’s napkins were black…and well…that just wouldn’t do. I refuse to let a napkin ruin my tablescape! We found these cloth napkins on Etsy.

These invitations were my first attempt at hand drawing a design and I couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out. We loved them so much these baby shower invitations are now available in our shop!

For our favors, we painted tiny clay pots and planted flower seeds in them. We carefully tended to them a couple of weeks leading up to the shower so that everyone could take home a “sprout of their own!” Get it?!

I love her so much already. C’mon and get here already Maggie!