When it Rains Paper Updates

Happy Monday friends! I decided to give you all a peek into what Kat and I have been up to lately over at When it Rains Paper Co.  As much as I love whipping up a great recipe for y’all or sharing my favorite beauty products, my business is my heart and soul. I figure that allows me a few shameless plugs every now and then, right?!

Sooo, what have we been up to this year? In January we designed a line of gift enclosure cards. These are small 3 x 3 cards that you can put inside of a gift for a birthday or shower.

Then in February we rolled out new spiral notebooks

In March we launched our first ever line of prints! It took us awhile to finally get our gold foil prints made and stocked, but they are FINALLY HERE!

April brought on one of our most exciting moments of our When it Rains Paper career. A handful of our products were featured on Lauren Conrad’s blog! (We’re still kinda fangirling about it.) When someone from Lauren’s team reached out to us and asked for samples, to say we were ecstatic is an understatement. There was no guarantee whether our products would make the final article or not so we anxiously awaited word and were practically bursting at the seams for a few weeks! If you missed it, check out the article here.

We had another huge milestone in May. We had our 10,000th sale on Etsy! The fact that Kat and I get to wake up everyday and make products that WE designed completely blows my mind. We also revamped all of our luggage tag designs in May.

It’s only 2 weeks into June and we’ve already got big plans this month! We celebrated our 4th birthday on June 4th – does that mean it was our Golden Birthday?! We’ve also started revamping some of our notepad designs this month. Stay tuned for tons more notepad designs in the next few weeks.

Kat and I have already mapped out our entire year and I’m pretty pumped about the new products we’ll be launching before the end of 2015. We actually spent some time this past weekend photographing our 2016 calendars for a top-secret project we hope to share more details about later. How are we talking 2016 already?!

Thanks for letting me do a Monday morning show and tell! I can’t wait to share all the new products Kat and I have been dreaming up. What kind of paper products are y’all in need of? Shoot Kat and I an email at hello[at]whenitrainspaper.com. We’d love to hear your suggestions!