Spring Patio Plants

Ahhhh…summer is so close I can taste it! That means it’s time to get outside and enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer. I’m talking pool days, afternoon strolls, and of course, it’s the ideal time to get your hands dirty with a little gardening fun! I’m what you would call a gardening novice. I’ve learned all my knowledge from my mom, whose secret calling in life is to be a horticulturist. (It’s never too late mom!) She has the greenest thumb and her gardening knowledge knows no bounds. I probably should’ve gotten her to write this post if we’re being real.

Cason and I are limited with our gardening because we don’t have a large backyard so today I’m focusing on patio plants. Our two requirements are low maintenance plants and plants that can survive in full sun. Our patio gets direct sunlight all day so we can’t plant anything that needs shade or partial sunlight. Make sure before you go shopping you have a good grasp on the amount of sun exposure your container will receive!

As Pikes (and mom) would say, you want a thrill, fill, and spill when creating your own arrangement. The “thrill” is the eye-catching plant, which will be your focal point towards the back of the pot. It needs to have height and be taller than all the other plants you include in your container. Some great “thrills” are salvia, geraniums, or fountain grass. Next, is your middle layer or the “fill.” You want to pick flowers that stay on the shorter side and add some color to your arrangement. My favorite “fill” is petunias because it seems almost impossible to kill (hence the huge tub filled with them)  but some other great options are marigolds and lantana. Lastly, you’ve got your “spill” or the plants that are planted towards the outer edges and spill over the sides of your container. Some of my favorites are creeping jenny, ivy, and sweet potato vine. Stick to this simple formula and your container is guaranteed to look great!

Need some more thrill, fill, and spill ideas? Check these cute garden containers out!


Lulu the Baker

Cason and I just potted our plants a couple of weeks ago so they may not look like much yet but give them some time and TLC and they will be spilling over in no time! Got any gardening tips? Feel free to share with us!