When it Rains Paper Updates

Well, Cason and I are officially nine months out from quitting our day jobs. How is it even possible that we’ve been doing When it Rains Paper full-time for almost a year?! I guess the saying’s true, time really flies when you’re having fun! But if I’m being 100% honest, we’ve definitely been thrown some curve balls. This past holiday season was INSANE, in a good way. The orders kept coming in and for the first time it dawned on us that next year we might have to hire on some help. (Yikes- just typing that makes me overwhelmed!) Budgeting has been a big lesson this year. We went from 3 paychecks to 1 so we had to figure that one out quick. We used to fill orders after our 8 hour work day so there was never any time for creative day dreaming. Now, we’re able to set aside time in our day to growing the business because time is finally on our side. We’re constantly brainstorming new product lines and designs that actually get to see the light of day! But don’t even get me started on tax season… Cason and I have had our share of ups and downs but all in all, no regrets!

The past couple weeks Cason and I were fortunate enough to meet up with some other creatives and talk shop. Whether you’re giving or receiving advice, it’s so nice to meet up with people who are experiencing similar excitements and struggles. At one lunch we’re finding out new camera settings and at the next we’re being motivated to apply for the Indie Craft Experience in Atlanta. Often times we find that even though we have ideas running through our heads, it doesn’t always translate into designs we’d stand behind. To be in a creative block is so frustrating in our line of work. It almost feels like our growth is at a stand still until we can get our butts in gear. Meeting with other Atlanta artists gave us the creative burst we’d been looking for. Cason and I have had prints on our to-do list for quite some time so we were thrilled when the ideas started cranking out and kept on coming. Nothing else mattered until our visions had been brought to life. Check out our new pride and joy!

Thanks for all of your continued support!