DIY Paint Swatch Artwork

Looking for cute, affordable artwork? Man, have I got the DIY project for you!  This project is crazy colorful so it would be perfect for anyone in an apartment or house where you can’t paint walls. (Bland, white walls are so last year.) All you need is a quick trip to Home Depot, get comfortable in front of a movie, and get to taping!


:: large frame with paper insert

:: a ton of paint swatches (Maybe ask the store if you can take some paint chips so you don’t look really weird stuffing tons of swatches in your purse.)

:: double-sided tape

:: vinyl letters appropriate to your frame size and phrase

The options are really endless with this project. You can do a small frame or huge frame. I had an old ikea frame lying around and it’s super cheap so it did the trick. I decided to go with a pink ombre color palette but you can obviously do any color scheme to match the space you are decorating.


1 | Play around with your color layout. I went ahead and laid out all the cards and decided the placement before I taped them down.

2 | Start in the top right hand corner and attach double-sided tape to each corner of the paint chip and affix to paper insert. Make sure to measure and line up the first row you tape down then you can line up all the rest of the rows to match the top one.

3 | When you add the second layer overlap the previous row so the names of the paint colors are covered up.

4 | Think of a phrase and cut out vinyl letters. I got my vinyl from Hobby Lobby and cut my letters out using a Cricut. If you don’t have access to a machine to cut letters you could always find pre-cut letters at a craft store or order them off Etsy. (If you live near me, I could be persuaded to cut letters for wine.)

5 | Put artwork inside frame and you’re done!

This project was super easy and I was done in about an hour. If you’re feeling crafty, I say go for it! It adds the perfect little pop of color and is now proudly displayed in Cason and my office!