Sparkling Strawberry Slushie Recipe

Well it’s the same song, second verse for us here at YCSWU. The 2 week countdown for Miami is underway and it’s pretty much a broken record. Eat healthy, Pure Barre, repeat. Eat healthy, Pure Barre, repeat. When Kat shared one of our favorite grilled chicken recipes last week, a reader told us about the wonderful world of Dashing Dish. (Thanks, Lindsay!) Y’all. I’m in heaven. These recipes are the culinary trifecta – easy, healthy, and DELICIOUS.

Katie Farrell, the author and founder of Dashing Dish is just about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. She started Dashing Dish because of her knack for taking comfort food recipes, and making a healthier version that doesn’t compromise taste or flavor. Sign me up! The best part? She gives all the glory to God. Check out this touching video Katie shares about her story. She has plenty of free recipes for you to take advantage of but she offers a membership with a small $5 donation per month. Dashing Dish members have access to the motherload. (We couldn’t sign up fast enough!)

Kat found this Sparkling Strawberry Slushie recipe within 30 seconds of exploring her site and had one waiting for me when I came in the door from work. I’m so spoiled in the summer! We’ve made it almost every day and it’s my new favorite summer treat.

Sparkling Strawberry Slushie Recipe

:: 2 cups frozen strawberries (we’ve also tried with blueberries!)
:: 1 cup lemon or lime sparkling water (we use lime flavored La Croix)
:: 2-3 packets of stevia to taste
:: optional – freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice to taste

Place everything in a blender until smooth. Kat and I have been making them ahead of time, freezing, and taking them to the pool with us!

Do not put your head on your pillow tonight until you’ve checked out Dashing Dish! Have a great week!