Homemade Tagalong Recipe

Kat and I both have this weird love for the sweet/salty combo. Some of our favorites include Take 5 bars and mixing popcorn with something chocolate like Goobers at the movies. I think that’s why we loved Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl so much. He was kind and sweet to his Queen B and BFFs, but so harsh and sour to everyone else in his life. Yeah, I just compared Chuck Bass to Tagalongs but I STILL daydream about that guy. Give me a break, I’m getting to the good stuff. No need to wait for the next Girl Scout cookie season because Kat and I came up with a knock-off that requires just 3 ingredients. These may not look as perfect, but our homemade Taglongs taste just as good!

Easy Homemade Tagalongs:

:: peanut butter
:: Ritz Crackers
:: dipping chocolate or bark chocolate
:: wax paper

STEP ONE | Make little peanut butter sandwiches with your Ritz crackers.

STEP TWO | Melt your dipping chocolate and coat your peanut butter cracker sandwiches on all sides.

STEP THREE | Let your cookies completely dry on wax paper.

That’s it! This recipe is so easy I kind of feel like I did a cop out post today. But then I think about how great these are and I feel like I did society a favor. Happy Thursday folks – it’s almost Friday!