It's a Full House

I had a big accomplishment this weekend. I held a baby for more than 5 minutes…and he DIDN’T CRY. You don’t understand. Babies hate me! They can smell my fear. Whenever I’m handed a tiny human, they almost always end up throwing an Oscar-worthy tantrum of the century. Because of this, I’ve never been the girl who flocks towards babies like moths to a flame. Some people have a sixth sense for them. If a baby enters the room, you can always count on them to find a way to get that baby in their hands. Not me. I actually love kids, I’m just terrible at the baby talk, back patting, and all that bouncing. Why is there so much bouncing?! Thanks to little Ollie there might be hope for me after all. We had a moment and now he’ll always secretly be my favorite. Maybe I do want one of my own one day… Before I get ahead of myself, check out Audra and Jojo’s poker-themed baby shower we threw this weekend. Ollie wins the overachievement award by actually showing up to his own baby shower. The guys played poker and smoked cigars while the girls fought over baby Ollie and gabbed the night away. What’s not to love?

We love him so much already! Way to go, Audge.