DIY Christmas Ornaments

Cason and I are not your “traditional” decorators. We don’t discriminate against colors and we love to mix different styles. We like to think of our home as a mix between West Elm and Jonathan Adler. Well…when it comes to Christmas decorations we are no different. We didn’t want to decorate with the typical red and green shades. That meant when it came to decorating we had to think outside the box. A lot of our stuff we either had to make ourselves (or order on Etsy because we didn’t feel like making it) or hit up Anthropologie’s after-Christmas sales. One of my favorite things we’ve made was an arrangement we did on our coffee table. It’s so easy I hesitate to even call it a DIY project but I thought I’d share anyway!


:: glass ornaments (You can get these anywhere! Hobby Lobby, Target…)
:: Feathers
:: Pom Poms
:: Glitter
:: Fortunes (We saved these for years and finally thought of something to do with them!)
:: Hole punches

:: Googly Eyes
:: Sequins


Fill ornaments with fun/random items and you’re done! We put all of our ornaments in a big gold bowl we got from Ikea. You could also fill glass cylinders for a table arrangement or even hang some on the tree. The ones filled with glitter and sequins get surprising heavy so I wouldn’t recommend hanging those.

You can obviously put ANYTHING in the ornaments but my goal was to think of random things that no one else would do. It made the project more unique and the best part is, it matches our house perfectly! (I’m personally a big fan of the googly eyes…there’s my inner teacher coming out.) This project is so affordable and quick, you’ve still got time to make it before Christmas! (Make sure to save the boxes the ornaments come in, that’s how we store them from year to year.)