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Wallpaper Wednesday - Valentine's Day Edition!

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I'm honestly such a sucker for the cheesy holidays. Growing up, my mom always made every holiday special in a small way whether it was green mashed potatoes for St. Patrick's Day or Valentine's Day pajamas. And we still haven't grown out of it - I'm 33 years old and had a Halloween doughnut waiting at my front door this past October 31st. (Please don't stop Mom!)

So here is my small treat to all of you! Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day or Galentine's Day, be sure to give your tech devices a makeover full of LOVE with our free wallpapers!


Happy Wallpaper Wednesday and Happy Valentine's Day!


Wallpaper Wednesday - Christmas Edition!

Free DownloadsCason Rainwater
christmas wallpaper

It's officially the most wonderful time of year! Kat and I had our last show of 2017 this past weekend in Nashville so we're ready to slow things down a bit and enjoy the season. We've had to play catch up a little to ensure we don't miss any of our traditions but we're slowly getting them all checked off!

One tradition we haven't brought back yet since resurrecting the blog is Wallpaper Wednesday. What better reason to kick off our first one than a Christmas edition?! You've probably decked the halls as this point but have you given your tech gear a holiday makeover? We have two different designs available for download so go ahead and give your devices a festive upgrade!


Happy Wallpaper Wednesday and Happy holidays to you and your family!


Happy Thanksgiving + Free Printable

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Happy Thanksgiving friends! We have so much to be thankful for this year and that includes you. We are constantly overwhelmed with the love and support that our friends, family, and customers show to When it Rains Paper Co. Kat and I truly enjoy what we do and it's only made possible by your support. 

It's not much but we wanted to give back in a small way to all of you. We designed this Thanksgiving print for our mom's kitchen last year and wanted to share! She went with a simple black and white theme but we've got 6 different color schemes you can choose from. Simply click on the color you want to download the PDF. You can use as your desktop wallpaper, print and frame, change to your iPhone background - whatever your heart desires!

Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours! We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy some much needed rest and time with your loved ones. It's officially the most wonderful time of year!


Wallpaper Wednesday

Business, Free DownloadsCason RainwaterComment

When I started doing this series several months ago, I remember asking myself if it was something I would really want to keep up with. (So flaky to come up with “Wallpaper Wednesday” and then only do it once, right?!) BUT, it’s really been the best excuse to get creative and learn new design techniques. The best part is that they have been rolling over into actual When it Rains Paper products. (Like this new notepad!) Win for you guys AND a win for me. Go ahead and give your tech devices a makeover with these 3 new designs I’ve been swooning over lately!

Happy Wallpaper Wednesday!

Wallpaper Wednesday

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Around this time of year I feel like I have Buddy the elf whispering in one ear and the Grinch whispering in the other. “Pull out your tree!” “People will judge you.” “Watch Christmas movies!” “Get a life.” If you’re like me, your DYING to deck the halls and decorate every mantle, nook, and surface you can get your hands on. While we wait for the official post-Thanksgiving safe zone, why not at least give your personal tech devices a festive makeover? Nobody even has to know. I created 3 new wallpaper designs to help get you into the holiday spirit!

Happy wallpaper Wednesday and happy (ALMOST) holidays!